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Windows 8 technical support Windows 8 Tech Support

Geek-Assist online computer support can help you fix almost any issues with your Windows 8 computer. We can assist you to set-up,update and customize Windows 8 as per your needs. We can also help you to install system drivers, troubleshoot critical issues with your computer's sound drivers, graphic drivers, even your Windows 8 based printer.

Moreover, our certified technicians can help you with disk partitioning, installing softwares, troubleshoot compatibility issues, optimize and remove viruses and spyware from your Windows 8 computer.

Just give us the green light to remotely access your computer, we will establish a secure connection to your computer via the Internet and our expert technicians will help you combat any issues with your Windows 8 operating system, while ensuring you understand the methods we take.

Scope of Service

Geek-Assist online tech support includes:

  • Full analysis and fixing errors for your Windows 8

  • Help to Set-up, install, and personalize Windows 8 on your computer.

  • Configuring firewall to secure your Windows 8 from hackers,

  • Backup and restore data for reliable computing

  • Optimize your Windows 8 to speed up your computer

  • Troubleshoot networking issues with both Local Network and Wi-Fi

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