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Windows Installation

You should choose this service plan in following cases:

1) Windows fails to start

2) System crashes with blue screen errors

3) Your computer stops at a black screen with certain white text.

All the above mentioned issues indicate that your windows system files have been corrupted. Should any of these events occur, the solution is to perform a clean pristine installation.

Call Geek-Assist and we will help you restore your system to its factory settings

Geek-Assist can help you with re-installation of your windows operating system using your recovery discs. Our certified technicians can customize the installation as per your needs.

You can either choose to wipe put a specific system partition, wipe out the entire hard disk,or just repair your existing windows operating system so that all your programs, documents remains intact.

Scope of Service

Geek-Assist Windows installation includes:

1) Formatting (wiping out) your hard disk (if required for a clean install)
2) Installing windows operating system (windows Xp , vista or windows 7)
3) Installing system drivers for your audio, graphics and networking (required for your internet)
4) Installing 5 softwares of your choice.

You will need the discs that came with your computer from the system manufacturer, or the desired operating system installation disc.

Our technicians will patiently guide you over the phone to restore your computer to factory settings and will be with you for the entire process to ensure that everything is done correctly.

$99.99 - One time Signup