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PC Optimization

$24.99 - One time

Is your computer slow?
Does it take a LOT of time to start up? Does it stop responding every now and then?
There are many reasons for a computer to become slow.
Call 1-408-331-9114 Now for Instant PC Optimization Service

Let our technicians optimize it for you.

What do we mean by optimize?
"modify to achieve maximum efficiency"
in common terms, its a - tune up, just the way you give your car one!

Keeping your system optimized once a month not only ensures its smooth functioning, but also saves you a lot of time ,money and Frustration.

This service plan includes -

1) Analyzing and evaluating your system resources.
2) A General System Cleanup - Removing unnecessary programs and files.
3) Fixing your hard disk drives for errors.
4) Optimize your hard disk performance.
5) Cleaning up windows registry
6) Installing Softwares that keep your system clean.
7) Decreasing system startup time

$24.99 - One time Signup