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PC Backup

Backup your PC now, Prepare your computer to handle unforeseen computing disasters
$24.99 - One time

Backup is one of the most essential thing in day to day computing, A monthly backup not only ensures protection for your data in case of trouble, but also ensures a quick recovery and saves you from the frustration or worry of losing it.
Take our PC backup plan, and we will ensure that you never lose that important file.

1) Backup all your important files on an external drive or a DVD of upto 40GB
2) Setting up system restore points for easy system recovery
3) Backing up System State (your applications, programs and settings)

$24.99 - One time Signup

PC Restore

Have you just setup your computer? do you wish to restore a previously backed up data?
$14.99 - One time

If you have previously taken our PC Backup service, and wish to restore your data,
hen take our PC Restore plan, and we will Help you restore all the files that were previously archived.
(note - you computer should be running the same version of windows as the time of taking the backup)

$14.99 - One time Signup