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PC Networking

$39.99 - One time

Setting up a network can be very tedious, especially when there are so many complicated aspects to its configuration. IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways, only to name a few.

Don't burden yourself with this sort of tech-laden jargon. Having a home network enhances your digital life, and gives you more flexibility for your work. Geek-Assist can help you setup almost any kind of network-enabled device. Whether its your Playstation, Xbox or a Nintendo Wii to the internet.

Our tech experts can help you setup and configure a network to suit your needs. Our networking experts can help you set it up, configure it to the most secure and optimal settings.

Whether you want to setup multiple computers, a wireless router, or even an xbox360, we've got you covered

1) Setting up your systems on the network (upto 2 computers and one router)
2) Customize network settings according to your needs

$39.99 - One time Signup