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Mozilla Firefox Tech Support Mozilla Firefox Tech Support

Mozilla Firefox is the most powerful web browser today. Previously known as Netscape Navigator, It has become the choice of millions of internet users worldwide. Being open-source in nature, it is the most secure browser available.

Being loaded with a tons of features, it can sometimes become difficult to understand and configure its settings.

Call Geek-Assist online computer support and we will assist you to setup and configure Firefox in no time.

Scope of Service

Online technical support from Geek-Assist includes:

Troubleshooting - Geek Assist can fix all issues related to the Mozilla Firefox. Usually Firefox does not encounter issues unlike other browsers and is considered to be the most stable browsers. Should you encounter any issues like unable to load the web pages or other types of browsing issues, Call us and we will resolve all your issues.

Installation/Upgrade - We can help you to Install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and even Upgrade your current version. Our technicians are available 24/7

Customization - Firefox can be customized to a great extent. With thousands of extensions available, Firefox can be used as a powerful tool by both home and business users.

Optimization - Geek Assist tech experts can help you optimize your browser by configuring settings to speed up its performance. We can help you clear unwanted internet cache, cookies and other forms of clutter that slow down your internet experience.

Security - Internet threats are on the rise, most of the computer problems are caused while using a web browser. If you browser is not secured with the right settings, your computer may easily crash due to entry of malicious code, viruses and hackers. Our security experts can help you escalate your browser's security, thus providing you with a safe browsing experience.

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