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» Microsoft Windows Technical Support

Microsoft Windows Technical Support

Microsoft Windows operating system, today's most used operating system has become the backbone of your computer systems, whether it is email, working on a spreadsheet, or even watching movies requires you to maintain the windows operating system to avoid errors and other administrative overhead.

At Geek-Assist, you can avail unmatched online computer support services to protect your Microsoft Windows Operating System against any errors and malicious programs like spyware and viruses. Geek-Assist tech experts can provide you with instant help in resolving any software support issues - from very basic tasks to critical security issues round-the-clock. 

Geek-Assist’s IT help desk for Microsoft Windows offers software support for all types of Computers - desktops, servers, netbooks, and laptops. Here you can avail online technical support for over a 100 softwares and computer hardware including any peripherals.

Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7
windows xp technical support windows vista technical support windows 7 technical support

Geek-Assist Support is Provided for:

  • Optimizing your computer's settings by making it run faster.

  • Securing your PC from viruses, spyware and hackers.

  • Complete system backup that can help you recover from a system crash.

  • Help to restore your computer from a previously backed up configuration

  • Fixing computer issues that prevent its normal functioning.

  • Help with networking your computers,laptops and routers.

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