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Google Chrome Technical SupportGoogle Chrome Technical Support

Known as the fastest browser on the internet, Google Chrome lives up to its reputation. Its optimal use of memory, clean design, makes it the most pleasant and hassle free browser on the internet. With new releases and updates, it is possible that you may encounter some problems which may cause your browser to crash, not load web pages correctly, or fail to show certain videos or animations.

Call Geek-Assist and we will take care of all your issues related to Google Chrome. With you permission, we can securely access your computer via the internet, and fix all errors in no time.

Scope of Service

Tech support from Geek-Assist includes:

Error fixing - Many a times you may find that your Google Chrome stops responding, suddenly stars working slow, and even crashes in many occasions, leading to great discomfort and frustration. Our Chrome experts can fix all errors for you anytime.

Installation/Upgrade - The Google Chrome has many versions and every now and then a new version is released, Geek-Assist can help you install or upgrade to the latest version of the Google Chrome in your computer within no time, just sit back, allow us to connect and we will get the job done for you. Its that simple!

Customization - Like most web browsers, Google Chrome too has a lot of settings which can be very confusing to look at. Geek-Assist can help you understand these settings, and customize it to best suit your needs.

Optimization - Having a sluggish browsing experience can be very frustrating and time consuming. We can help you optimize your Google Chrome so that it runs smoothly while enhancing your web-experience

Security - Security is the most important aspect of a web browser. Today the risk of personal and financial information is very high. Let us help you secure the Google Chrome to ensure a risk-free browsing.

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